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1983 cricket world cup winner

The 1983 Cricket World Cup (formally the Prudential Cup ’83) was the third version of the Cricket World Cup competition. It was held from 9 June to 25 June 1983 in England and Wales and was won by India. Eight nations partook in the occasion. The 1983 World Cup was brimming with emotional cricket all through the competition.

Groups like India and Zimbabwe who were not playing admirably amid those circumstances scored agitate triumphs over the West Indies and Australia separately. Britain, Pakistan, India and competition top choices West Indies met all requirements for the semi-finals. The preparatory matches were played in two gatherings of four groups each, and every nation played the others in its gathering twice. The best two groups in each gathering met all requirements for the semi-finals.

The matches comprised of 60 overs for every innings and were played in customary white dressing and with red balls. They were altogether played amid the day.

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